An Interns Experience Working at Groundsure

An Interns Experience Working at Groundsure
This year at Groundsure we have worked closely with Reading University to help give Alex Harman.

Alex is an Environmental Science undergraduate, the opportunity to gain some crucial work experience within the mining and environmental searches industry.

We have really enjoyed working alongside Alex and found his fresh insights, keen determination, knowledge and calm, measured attitude towards his work really inspiring.

Alex has been part of the Mining Consultancy team for three months now and during that time has proved himself to be a real asset to the department. He joined us as we launched our new Groundsure Avista and helped us stay on top of our increased and busy workload, and by the end of his first week had contributed by writing search reports. During his time he has helped develop our processes by providing a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes suggesting ways we could improve our operations. A fine example of how it is not just interns that benefit from these experiences.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Alex’s geographical location, we have not been able to meet him in person, but this has not stopped him becoming a key part of our team and he has proved resilience, rising to the challenges of online training and Google Meets really well.

I asked Alex for his thoughts on his time here with Groundsure:

“I have been delighted to have the opportunity to complete a 3-month full time placement at Groundsure between my 2nd and 3rd year of my Environmental Science degree at the University of Reading.

I have been working within the Mining Consultancy team addressing past, present and future mining risk to property and land transactions. I have been using a variety of geological maps, historical OS archives and abandoned mine plans to make informed decisions of the risks from underground and surface mining.

My base knowledge gained from my degree included some GIS experience along with a module on geology and mining. During my time with Groundsure I had time to develop  these areas during a virtual training program with various members of the Mining Consultancy team, meaning that within a week I was completing searches. This was no ordinary internship whereby only the most basic tasks are given to the intern, but instead a full range of activities that I found both interesting and extremely helpful to my personal development due to the responsibility I was personally trusted with. I was included in business discussions about new product changes, showing my value to the team.

Working for Groundsure is an extraordinary opportunity due to the huge influence the company has on the conveyancing, environmental and planning industries and it’s high status to the many clients in the sector (land owners, developers and solicitors just to name a few). The extensive range of products that Groundsure offer means that there is a service that is bound to gain your interest from mining or flood risk all the way to town planning implications and many more.

Though this was only a short placement, I have had as many opportunities as in many year-long placements. I hope this gives you a better insight into the opportunities that await you at Groundsure. I would definitely recommend completing a placement at Groundsure due to the quality training given, a wide range of opportunities offered to develop and a very friendly team to accompany you along your journey.”

Speaking to Ian Curnow (Geology Searches Manager) about the time Alex spent with our team. He reflected on Alex’s determination to get the job done and his efforts going above and beyond.

Ian had this to say:

“Knock it on the head now Alex, it is late and we can look at it tomorrow morning”. My response to his query sums up Alex’s efforts in his time with us. He would not let a job go before completion. I couldn’t have asked for anymore commitment and enthusiasm from him during his all too short time with us. Allied to a sensible and considered approach, he made a fantastic contribution to the  growth of our mining consultant team. 

Thank you Alex.

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Sep 2, 2021

Tom Harvey-James