The ClimateIndex™ Report

Delivering clarity on climate risks in transactions.

Australia is in the front line of climate change. Our communities and businesses have witnessed such extremes of flooding and bushfires in recent years and now is the time to act and consider the potential impact on property purchases.

A new legal opinion on climate change risks for New South Wales property transactions has now been launched, which underlines some important considerations for conveyancers and property lawyers on their duty of care and duty to warn clients.

Legal professionals can now meet their duty obligations and support the key elements of the Legal Opinion with the Groundsure ClimateIndex™ Report. Available initially in New South Wales, this is the first desktop report on current and future climate risks specifically for use by conveyancers and property lawyers for property due diligence.

Key Features:
  • Identifies 3 key physical risks: flooding, bushfires and coastal erosion
  • Current, 5-year and 30-year forward risk predictions
  • 3-tier traffic light risk assessment for easy understanding
  • Hyperlinks to the relevant data pages
  • Full colour mapping
  • Next steps guidance specific to each identified risk
Key Benefits
  •   Supports your duty of care in advising your client on climate change risks in the property transaction.
  •   Combines trusted sources with unique, proprietary data modelling for an unrivalled approach.
  •   Provides your client with a clear identification of the main physical risks over the next 5 and 30 years.
  •   Helps identify potential issues with insurance or mortgage availability.
  •  Additional guidance enables easy explanation to your client.

How to order

The Groundsure ClimateIndex™ Report is available to order now through InfoTrack for New South Wales properties.

For more information on ClimateIndex, speak to your InfoTrack account manager or email us at .