About Us

Experts in property specific environmental and climate data analysis and assessment.

Trusted Data Partner for Law Firms

We have more than 20 years experience translating complex geospatial environmental data into clear, actionable guidance for legal professionals.

We provide conveyancers and real estate lawyers with comprehensive environmental and climate analysis

This ensures their clients can be advised effectively on potential future impacts as part of the transaction.

Our deep in-house expertise on data sourcing and modelling

Land use consultancy and advice is backed by high quality customer-focused support. We are supported by leading data partners, developing powerful predictive datasets to support all stakeholders in the property transaction.


Our Climate Pledge

Climate Change is transforming and accelerating the environmental risks that affect our land, property and communities. We help property professionals make sense of how both the history of the land and its exposure to present and future threats including flooding, subsidence and contaminated land could impact on their clients’ enjoyment or value from their home or business. We make information more accessible to empower positive outcomes for our climate-challenged society.

As a business built on providing clarity on environmental and forward climate risks, we take our responsibility towards the planet very seriously. Our digital solutions and data integration with our clients means we have an almost zero paper footprint.
We also ensure that the expert advice we provide to our clients ensures that they can think positively and sustainably about their property transaction with a clear understanding of potential forward climate impacts.

Our way of working

Leading with integrity

Our DNA is about honesty and integrity in our dealings with our customers, putting them at the heart of everything we do. We are renowned for our advice, honesty and fairness, backed by the utmost rigour and detail in the quality of our data and services.

Never Stop Learning

We listen to our clients and respond to their needs with personal support and solutions. We are restless and passionate about innovation and lead the market through a constant evolution of our data and services to meet the current and future needs of our markets.

Reliance through Expertise

We are a location intelligence authority for environmental and climate risk, with a renowned team of property, legal and financial market experts, data scientists and environmental consultants to apply our knowledge in the most valuable and effective way for our clients.

How we work

We take large and complex environmental and climate data and turn it into clear and simple insights enabling customers to make better informed land and property decisions. We give land and property professionals expert information on risks including bush fires, flooding and ground stability, as well as forward guidance on potential climate risks, to advise their clients in the transaction.

Would you like to contact an expert?

Help is at hand from our conveyancing climate risk experts. We will respond promptly to any queries about a report outcome or how to translate report findings to your client. We also offer training through webinars on how to report to clients effectively.

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