As well as our comprehensive environmental search reports, we provide specialist advice on a variety of environmental issues and risks associated with your business activities.

These include, but are not limited to:

Formal Second Opinions/Independent Verifier

We work with a range of clients as an independent environmental advisor to oversee/verify third party ground contamination works, and review existing environmental reports relating to previous site investigations and remedial measures.

Environmental Audits

We provide audits of the operational environmental risks associated with a range of industrial and commercial installations. Environmental Audit Reports include a site inspection by an IEMA qualified consultant, and a review of all Environmental Permits and associated regulatory compliance documentation, in order to provide an assessment of operational environmental liability under the relevant legislation.

Environmental Insurance

Where circumstances allow, environmental insurance options can provide an appropriate financial risk mitigation tool. Environmental insurance is available for both residential and commercial properties and includes Environmental Liability Insurance, Title Indemnity and Flood Risk Insurance. We facilitate this process by way of introduction to our insurance partners.

Our services provide peace of mind to those who are concerned with environmental liability issues associated with property ownership.