Geo Insight now includes enhanced geology data at no extra cost

Geo Insight now includes enhanced geology data at no extra cost

Groundsure are pleased to announce that the BGS 1:10,000 (DiGMapGB-10) scale geology dataset will now be included as standard (where available) in our Geo Insight report at no extra cost. You do not need to do anything differently to get the enhanced geology data, simply add the Geo Insight to your basket as normal and 1:10,000 scale geology will be included.

The Geo Insight report is designed for environmental professionals undertaking desk studies and site investigations. The composition of the bedrock and superficial deposits is the major factor that determines the landscape of Britain and the influence of geology on terrain, drainage and soil type is not difficult to see. Knowledge of the distribution of the rocks is critical to environmental protection, civil engineering, mineral and water resource exploitation, and in the management and control of natural hazards (BGS 2010).

The DiGMapGB-10 is the most detailed geology mapping available for selected areas of the UK and currently covers around 28% of the country. It includes five themes – bedrock geology, superficial deposits, mass movement deposits, artificial ground and linear features.


If you have any questions or to find out more, contact the team here.

1:50,000 scale geology


1:10,000 scale geology

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Mar 15, 2017