Groundsure Planning Alert

Groundsure Planning Alert
The Groundsure Planning Alert is now live and has been added to existing Groundsure Potential Risks Alert on our ordering platform.

Just as our ordering platform will alert you if your property is at potential risk from flooding, ground stability, energy features etc(1) , it will now flag up whether a planning application has been identified within a specified distance(2) of your property.

Utilising Glenigan data, it provides insights for developments from the last 10 years – which could impact purchase decisions or delay transactions. It also includes additional information that is not available in the compulsory suite of local authority searches.

The Groundsure Potential Risks Alert is very simple to use – once you select a report, the identified potential risks included in a particular report will turn green, so that you know they are covered in the report. The new Planning Alert also has an easy to read drop down box which instantly provides you with top level information on specific planning applications located near to the property you are researching.

The alert also displays which Groundsure products include in depth information about the potential risks identified, so that you can easily select the right report for your transaction including Groundsure Planning or a  Planview search (for commercial purposes).

If you have any questions relating to the new planning alert or Groundsure planning reports, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.


(1) The Groundsure ordering platform identifies potential risks for:

  • Radon
  • Flood
  • Ground stability
  • HS2/Crossrail
  • Energy risk
  • Rail & Tube
  • And now Planning applications

(2) The Planning alert will flag up if a planning application for any of the following applications is identified within a specified distance:

  1. Within 75m – Extensions or home improvements on a single dwelling
  2. Within 100m for urban and 250m for rural – A small residential development of one or two new dwellings
  3. Within 150m for urban and 250m for rural – A medium development (mainly residential) of 3 to 9 dwellings
  4. 250 for urban and 500m for rural:
    • A large development (mainly residential) of ten or more dwellings
    • A small non-residential and mixed-use land project under £250k build cost
    • A large non-residential project over £250k build cost
    • A mega non-residential project over £200 million build cost
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Feb 3, 2017