These services typically follow on from a Search report such as Siteguard, Screening or Review.  They are intended to provide more details for risks identified in the report so that they can be evaluated as part of the lending, conveyancing and specifically with the following in mind:

  • Valuation Surveyors to meet RICS professional standards and guidance for both real estate and development,
  • Conveyancing solicitors to comply with Law Society Practice Notes,
  • Prudent purchasers prior to property acquisitions.

The recommended reports can take two approaches. Either, where issues of contaminated land are identified, a Phase 1 will be recommended. This uses standard industry procedures to identify current and historical contamination sources, pathways enabling contamination to migrate and potentially sensitive receptors that might be affected. It typically involves a site inspection and, if relevant, a consultation with regulators (full scope provided below).

Alternatively, the identified risks may be operational in nature, for example, environmental permits or pollution incidents. In this case, an environmental assessment will be recommended. This is an assessment of the site’s environmental operations and will focus on the particular issues identified in the Search report unless a full assessment is requested. It may take the form of a consultation with regulators or it may require a site visit.

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