Understanding Bushfire Risk for New South Wales Property Transactions

Where are the greatest NSW bushfire risks? Find out Now!


This exclusive, free research examines the scale and risk facing NSW property from bushfires. It explains how our unique ClimateIndex™ modelling delivers 5 and 30 year analysis on individual lots.

Find out the Top 20 suburbs most at risk and how to advise your client in the transaction.


About Groundsure: Enabling Climate-Driven Decisions for Legal Professionals

Australia is in the front line of climate change. Our communities and businesses have witnessed such extremes of flooding and bushfires in recent years and now is the time to take action and think ahead about what the future could bring.  Our mission is to ensure that our climate-challenged society makes positive, sustainable and responsible land and property decisions. This starts with ensuring legal professionals are able to advise their clients effectively as part of the transaction due diligence.

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Help is at hand from our conveyancing climate risk experts. We will respond promptly to any queries about a report outcome or how to translate report findings to your client. We also offer training through webinars on how to report to clients effectively.

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